Concept Sketches

Architectural ideas are often born out of the sketches produced by a designer, they are an essential element of the first stage of the concept design. They help to bring floor plans, sections and elevations to life.

Sketches open our minds to enhance the imagination and allow us to think in a more artistic and flexible way about the design. They reflect the work of a designer and allow potential clients to think the way the designer does, to be able to see what the designer is already visualising. The sketches are the eyes of the artist.

Below are a series of sketches showing various designs of recent projects we have been working on. They helped clients to see the pros and cons of all design options and enabled them to make a decision on which design to proceed with.



One could ask, why do people sketch instead of using 3D programs?

As we know programs can be powerful but sometimes too powerful. Very often renders present exaggerated pictures of the project while sketches show the spirit of the design and the geometric explanations of the designer's thoughts.



Sketches are quick. It shows the first idea of the design and in a short time one can build up a picture of the project, showing light-shadow, pure lines and internal spaces which highlights any issues with the design and what areas are working successfully.



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