Flexible Spaces

One of the most popular layouts for decades has been open plan living, this is especially found in urban areas where every square meter is worth hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds and there is a need to showcase the space in the best possible way, whilst retaining the divisions in rooms.

However, people are realising that in removing all walls to create a large kitchen, living, dining or study area they are also removing the flexibility to use the space in different ways, hence the call for flexible spaces or 'broken living'.
This is the division of an open space with either divides that can be moved or with divides that do not create a solid division.

It also means that with the different styles you get a fluidity through the living space that generally means wide open areas with a lot of natural light.




Design by ADE Architecture, Built by BTL Property

Different styles and functions of doors are a popular way of achieving the flexibility wanted. Large sliding or folding glass doors work very well as they allow light to travel between the spaces.


Solid doors allow the option to create a much more private space but still with the flexibility to open them and create that fluidity through rooms.


An alternative division is through open shelving, although this does not allow for the flexibility of moving the division itself, it does break the space up to allow for an alternative use of the room.


Design by ADE Architecture, Built by BTL Property


Design by Granit Architects, Built by BTL Property

Having different levels also encourages open plan living but retains the separation of space. This can be popular when creating a study area for those people who work from home.

With all of these different options we can see why this style of living is so popular in many of the designs and builds that we create today.

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