Roof Terraces in Limited Outdoor Space

Living in London, private outdoor space is a limited, but highly valued and sought after commodity. Gardens are usually small and often sacrificed to accommodate house extensions. Creating a roof terrace is a fantastic way to claim back your own piece of the outdoors within the city.


One of the many benefits of having a roof terrace is the opportunity it creates to have a clean and tidy garden space to grow your own food or flowers. Often used to de-stress, gardening is a fantastic hobby to step back from the pace of city life and reconnect with nature. Having a terrace with raised beds, or even a small glasshouse, means you can avoid kneeling in mud or grass to tend to your plants as you might in a garden. Plants can even be used to create screening for the terrace, providing a private green refuge from neighbouring houses.


BTL Design roof terrace concept sketch


A well-designed roof terrace can provide your property with an additional, external room both for your own everyday use and to use as additional space for entertaining. An open-air, outdoor living space is a great place to host guests for some alfresco dining and entertaining. Opened up to the fresh air and sky, a roof terrace can accommodate many people without feeling cramped and stuffy.



One of the most desired house modifications in London is a ground floor extension. Although a great way to create new space, it sometimes means that rooms on the upper floors lose their garden view and instead look down onto a new roof. Creating a planted terrace on the roof of new extensions not only creates a new space, but makes a much more attractive and appealing view from the upper floors of the house, softening the visual impact of the roof.

Not only do roof terraces provide a better view from inside the house, they also facilitate improved views of external surroundings. Elevated from the garden level, the view from a roof terrace is less obstructed and much more expansive. The sun is also less obstructed, maximising warmth and sunlight later into the long summer evenings.

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BTL Design roof terrace concept sketch

Private bedroom terrace

As seen in BTL's design and build project on Oakfield Street, a private bedroom terrace can contribute a great sense of light, space and elegance to a room.

French doors opening onto a terrace allow for an extension of your bedroom into the outdoors. Glazed doors facilitate great views from the comfort of your bed and maximise natural light. When opened up during the warmer months, the doors allow a fresh summer breeze into the room. A bedroom terrace is the perfect place for an early morning coffee in the fresh air, or to provide a secluded and relaxing space at weekends, away from the rest of the house.


Designed and Built by BTL Property on Oakfield Street

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